Javascript Heap Data Structure

Here is an implementation of a data structure in javascript that allow us to define both min and max heap with the same code but using a comparator.

Load Balancer and Autoscaling service in AWS Console

Commands to create a Load Balancer and autoscaling service in AWS Console. Useful to create quick scripts that spin up service.

Cheatsheet to test using Mocha, Chai and Sinon

This is a little cheatsheet with snnipets to create unit tests using Mocha test runner, Chai assertion library and Sinon (for spies and stubs).

Create login acceptance test using Ember Mirage

We will review how to install and use Ember Mirage, a Ember CLI Addon that allows you to mock server requests and response and provides a fixture strategy.

3 Tips and Tricks with Promises

These are some small tricks I found usefull working as a web developer, they all involve the usage of Promises.

Basic Data Structures Keynotes

Small cheatsheet of data structures and the associated cost.

Iterate through a function in css stylus

Sometimes you need to be able to implement a quick function that will iterate through an array and assign values to it. This quick snnipet can Help you to do this.

Dynamic grouped bar chart with D3.js

Today i would like to introduce a little project I’ve been cooking, is a proof of concept using D3.js, a data visualization library for javascript.

Flow, positioning and Flexible box explained

The flexbox is a CSS3 module specification, meaning that it belong to the new specs for the web.